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TL-BL01 Battery Operated Home Security Keyless Electric Smart Door Lock with Bluetooth Unlock


Brief Introduction

This Bluetooth front door lock retrofits to your existing single-cylinder deadbolt, allowing you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. Your guests then use their smartphone to gain access to your residence without the need to exchange physical keys. You can specify the duration that the unlock codes are active for before expiring, or disable them at any time.

With this Bluetooth door lock you can still use your physical keys and manually unlock or lock your door from the inside.

When inviting guests, you can customize their access level and will be notified when they operate your lock. Device can be remotely shared or deleted to other users by owner.

Unlock records, time and notifications on each user are saved in server. And pushed to host in time.

10 unlock codes and valid time of each code can be set to meet clients demand in different conditions.

Standby current 100uA and standby duration of four CR123A batteries is about 200 days on this smart door lock.

Technical Data

Master chipA8107M0
Modulation modeGFSK
Bluetooth versionBLE4.0
Unlock way

Bluetooth via APP; or manually unlock on the interior side of your door

Power supplyfour CR123A batteries
Work voltage3.3V
Sleep current 3.3uA
Idle current0.8mA
RX work current6.7mA
TX work current9.8mA under 2.5dBm output
Average standby current100uA
Max launch power5.0dBm
Receive sensitivity-91dBm @ 1Mbps mode
Modulation modeGFSK
Air transmission rate5K -- 2Mbps
Bluetooth transmisson distance10-50 meters

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